As a licenced ordained Pastor I can preform the following services:
My Goal is to Serve the Lord by serving you.  The desire of my heart is to
help you understand the Lord and draw closer to him.  I want to be the one
who shows you Christ by my testimony and brings peace and contentment
into this confusing and dismal world.
Marriages: This Holy ceremony can be
held in your home, hall, or church with
permission of the Local Pastor.

Baptism: The ceremony of baptism may
be preformed by sprinkling or immersion.

Last Rights: A service that can be
preformed in the hospital, nursing home,
or home when the family feel that there
loved one is preparing to shed this earthly

Funerals: This celebration of life can be
held at the funeral home, home or local
church with permission of the Local
A Friend to Listen:  A service provide
to all that need a nonjudgmental ear and a
confidential listener.

Small Group Facilitator: Set up small
groups of women or men that want to
learn more about themselves and the Lord

Prayer:  I am always available to pray
for your needs and that of your families

Communion:  This service can be
preformed in your home or the elements
that have been consecrated can be brought
to you so that you might commune with
the Lord.
Life in His Arms Community Church
1952 State Highway 11C
North Lawrence, NY 12967
(315) 755-5880
Services That God Uses Me For